How do I get a building permit?

A building permit is required for all new construction, enlargement, demolition, or alteration larger than 100 square feet. A Building Permit Application must be filled out and the proper fee must be paid. The Code Enforcement Officer will then issue the permit.

Permits are also required for:
Internal plumbing
Septic system
• New driveway 
• Change of use
• New sign
• Change of exterior dimensions of a sign
• Resumption of use of a lot or structure
• Mineral extraction, processing and storage
• Excavation or fill exceeding 75 cubic yards
• Placement of a mobile home or a manufactured housing unit
• Placement of wharves, piers, and floats (seasonal or permanent)
• Moving or relocating any building, structure, or mobile home
• Demolition
• Home occupation
• Tower

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