Addressing Ordinance

Section 1. Purpose

The purpose of this ordinance is to enhance the easy and rapid location of properties by law enforcement, fire, rescue and emergency medical services personnel in the Town of Hope.

Section 2. Authority

This ordinance is adopted pursuant to and consistent with municipal home rule authority as provided for in Article VIII, Part 2 Section 1 of the Constitution of the State of Maine and Title 30-A M.R.S.A. Section 3001.

Section 3. Administration

This ordinance shall be administered by the Addressing Officer. The Board of Selectmen shall annually appoint an Addressing Officer, who is responsible for and authorized to provide all required addressing and database information to the state agency responsible for the implementation of Enhanced 9-1-1 service. The Addressing Officer shall assign road names and numbers to all properties, both on existing and proposed roads, in accordance with the criteria in Sections 4 and 5. The Addressing Officer shall also be responsible for maintaining the following official records of this ordinance: a. A Hope map for official use showing road names and numbers; b. An alphabetical list of all property owners as identifies by current assessment records, by last name, showing the assigned number; and c. An alphabetical list of all roads with property owners listed in order of their assigned numbers.

Section 4. Naming System

All roads that serve two or more properties shall be named regardless of whether the ownership is public or private. A “road” refers to any highway, road, street, avenue, land, private way, or similar paved gravel or dirt thoroughfare. “Property” refers to any property on which a more or less permanent structure has been erected or could be placed. A road name assigned by the Town of Hope shall not constitute or imply acceptance of the road as a public way. The following criteria shall govern the naming system:

a. No two roads shall be given the same name (e.g., no Pine Road and Pine Lane).

b. No two roads should have similar–sounding names (e.g., no Beech Street and Peach Street). Town of Hope Addressing Ordinance Approved: June 17, 1996 Amended: June 14, 2011

c. Every effort shall be made to have each road have the same name throughout its entire length.

d. Names shall be appropriate for the individual road and the area’s nature and character and shall not be vulgar, offensive or reasonably subject to inappropriate double meaning.

Section 5. Numbering System

Numbers shall be assigned every 50 (fifty) feet along both sides of the road, with even numbers appearing on the left side of the road and odd numbers appearing on the right side of the road, determined by the number origin. The following criteria shall govern the numbering system:

a. Numbering origins shall be from south to north and east to west. Numbering shall be odd on the right side of the street and even on the left side of the street.

b. The number assigned to each structure shall be that of the numbered interval falling closest to the driveway serving the structure.

c. Every structure with more than one principal use or occupancy shall have a separate number for each use of occupancy (i.e., duplexes will have two separate numbers; apartments will have one road number with an apartment number, such as 235 Maple Street, Apt. 2).

Section 6. Compliance

All owners of structure shall, by the date set forth in Section 10, display and maintain in conspicuous place on said structure, the assigned numbers in the following manner:

a. Number on the Structure or Residence. Where the residence or structure is within 50 (fifty) feet of the edge of the road right-of-way, the assigned number shall be displayed on the residence or structure near the front door or entry.

b. Number at the Street Line. Where the residence or structure is over 50 (fifty) feet from the edge of the road right-of-way, or when the residence or structure is not visible from the roadway, the assigned number shall be displayed on a post, fence, mailbox, or structure at the property line next to the walk or access drive to the residence or structure.

c. Size and Color of Number. Numbers shall be displayed in a color and size approved for use by the Addressing Officer and shall be visible from the road. Any numbers visible from the roadway that might be mistaken for, or confused with, the number assigned in conformance with this ordinance must be removed. Town of Hope Addressing Ordinance Approved: June 17, 1996 Amended: June 14, 2011 d. Interior location. All residents and other occupants are requested to post the assigned number and road name next to their telephone for emergency reference.

Section 7. New Construction and Subdivisions

All new construction and subdivisions shall be named and numbered in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance as follows:

a. New Construction. Whenever any residence or other structure is constructed or developed it shall be the duty of the new owner to obtain an assigned number from the Addressing Officer. This shall be done at the time of the issuance of the building permit.

b. New Subdivisions. Applicants seeking subdivision approval from the Planning Board shall consult with the Addressing Officer for the assignment of road name(s) and numbers to the lots in the subdivision prior to submitting the subdivision application. Subdivision developers shall review any amendments to road name(s) and numbering with the Addressing Officer following Planning Board approval.

Section 8. Amendment

A road name change may only be considered upon the submission of a petition in favor of such amendment to the Board of Selectmen signed by the owners of at least 2/3rds of the lots abutting the road in question. The Board of Selectmen shall seek and obtain the advice of the Addressing Officer prior to approving any name change at a duly noticed public meeting.

Section 9. Enforcement and Penalties

This ordinance shall be enforced by the Code Enforcement Officer of the Town of Hope. Upon finding a violation of this ordinance, the Code Enforcement Officer shall give written notice to any or all of the owners, occupants or persons in charge of the dwelling, place of business or other building, stating the action necessary to achieve compliance and a compliance date by which such action must be taken. If the person to whom the notice is addressed does not correct the violation by the compliance date, such person commits a civil violation for each day the violation remains uncorrected after the compliance date and is subject to civil penalties of not less than $100 nor more than $2,500 pursuant to 30-A M.R.S.A. § 4452. Town of Hope Addressing Ordinance Approved: June 17, 1996 Amended: June 14, 2011 Section 10. Effective Date This ordinance shall become effective as July 1, 1996.

It shall be the duty of the Addressing Officer to notify by mail each property owner and the Post Office of a new address at least thirty (30) days before the effective date of its use. It shall be the duty of each property owner to comply with this ordinance, including the posting of new property numbers, within thirty (30) days following notification. On new structures, numbering shall be installed before final inspection or when the structure is first used or occupied, whichever comes first.

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